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3mm Test 1

3mm Test 1

Compressed to 3mm

This test was compressing a pad to 3mm over 1 million times, after this, the pad returned to it's original shape.

3mm Test 2

Compressed to 3mm

This test was completed with a different compression machine, doing over 2.8 million compressions and that pad returning to it's original shape.

Test 4

25 Tonne Forklift

Pad compression over it's entirety by driving a 25 tonne mass BOSS forklift over the whole pad. The pad returning to it's original shape after 2 passings. 

Test 5

40°C Wash 

This pad has been repeatedly washed at temperatures ranging between 40-60 Degree Celsius. 6 washes every week for 3 months. 96 washes in total with no deformation

40 Degree Test 5
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