Compressed to 3mm Test 1

This test was compressing a pad to 3mm over 1 Million times, after this, the pad returned to the original shape.

Compressed to 3mm Test 2

This test was done by a different compression machine, doing over 2.8 million compressions and the pad still returned to it's original shape.

3mm Test 2 Chart.jpg
3mm Test 1 Chart.jpg
25 Tonne Forklift
Test 4

Pad compression over it's entirety by driving a 25 tonne mass BOSS forklift over the whole of the pad.  The profile being larger than the pad eliminated the cracking effect and has demonstrated that the Hooke's Law of Elasticity's Elastic limit in this case has not been exceeded therefore the pad has immediately returned to it's original form.

Test 3

Pad compressed over its length on a hydraulic pressbrake with pre-programmed force set to 198 Kilo Newtons on the CNC control. Again the profile of the tool caused cracking due to the shearing effect during the compression of the pad.

198KN equates to 20 tonne force.

40°C Wash
Test 5

The pad has also been repeatedly washed at temperatures ranging between 40 degrees celsius and 60° Celsius. 6 washes weekly over a period of 3 months, 96 washes in total with no deformation.

Have a look at the slideshow above for the results!