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The idea of GAAARD Protection came about when our Managing Director suffered a serious injury that developed from a young age. In his very words, here is how GAAARD Protection was born.


Scaffshirt: a painful birth! 

Shoulder pain especially in advanced working years is a bane in most construction worker’s lives. I developed the Scaffshirt to save the next generation of tradesmen painful afflictions, one of which I suffer. My bicep tendonitis(where the tendon infringes into the shoulder joint) brought on by injuries resulting from carrying large wooden triple ladders and several sporting excursions, when young and invincible.  This has resulted in constant discomfort and reduced ability which I endure today.

I designed the pad around aerospace seat technology, giving maximum comfort with minimum constraints. Working with a University Professor of Bio mechanics we are currently investigating the medical benefits using Scaffshirt. Looking smart, corporate and professional in the workplace led me to introduce a water resistant, hard wearing pocket for the pad to locate atop the shoulder resulting in being awarded a European Design Right for the Scaffsfhirt range of products. 

The British designed workwear offers a very discreet approach to load carrying, offering substantial reductions in fatigue and discomfort. The durability far exceeds the High Visibility clothing available currently and meets all EN, RIS and ANSI required standards for safe site work.

The range of products available from GAAARD Protection leave the past behind, offering a smart durable work garment for the present with hidden health benefits for the future.


Would you buy a new car without airbags?

Let us help you to shoulder the load.

Work Hard Work GAAARD!



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