Is a versatile specialist high quality hi-vis protective Workwear shirt with Weight bearing padded shoulders for supporting shoulder joints eg, Building Industy - carrying bricks and scaffolding poles.

Also available as a Sweatshirt, Hoody and

Hi-Vis Vest.


Performance & Attributes


Meets EN20471:2 Standards


Reduces impact and compression stress on shoulder joints


Withstands heavy weight


Padding sits inside a pocket that is stitched securely to the

    top of the shoulder


Padding entry sits under the collar


Padding is removable for washing


Can be supplied with a pad on each shoulder or a singular

    pad for the dominant shoulder


Pad is manufactured from Three Dimensional Sculptured

    EVA Compression Padding

European Design Rights


Trade Marks

As with all Gaaard Protection products ScaffShirt can be personalised to keep your team looking corporate and professional. See personalisation.


Luminous Yellow

Luminous Orange





The Miniviz is designed to be shorter in length to prevent impeding on tool belts that may be worn.

ScaffShirt(55KG)EVA Specs


Registered Office:

Carlton House, Grammar School Street, Bradford, West Yorkshire BD1 4NS. United Kingdom

Company registration number: 12203916

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