Overexertion is the most common category of injury in the workplace. Here are some industries where it is one of the main injuries.

Manufacturing - 1st

Healthcare - 1st

Retail - 1st

Transport - 1st

Warehousing - 1st

Wholesale - 1st

Leisure - 2nd

Hospitality - 2nd

Prof. Services - 2nd

Construction - 3rd

(Overexertion Vs Scaffshirt)

The top 5 types of overexertion, the Scaffshirt and the rest of the Protective Workwear range from GAAARD Protection can help to reduce all 5.

When carrying heavy and uncomfortable things on your shoulders, you try to bend forward, sidewards or any way that will try to help with the discomfort and strain. This is because of the plates in the vertebrae can't withstand the additional weight and will bend you backwards.

(Back Injuries)

Due to the padding in our garments, they make carrying heavy loads more comfortable and easier. This will result in the wearer naturally return to a healthier stance and posture. This will mean back injuries are significantly reduced.

Pulled or strained muscles frequently occur from carrying, lifting, pushing and pulling. A common muscle that gets strained or pulled is the trapezius muscle (a main muscle in the back).

(Muscle Strains)

Due to the strength of the pad, the impact from what you are carrying on your shoulder is significantly reduced. This leads to less discomfort and stress. This results in unaffected work quality.

When carrying heavy things on your shoulder, the weight can pull you backwards thanks to the vertebrae. This means you almost naturally bend your neck forwards to balance yourself. When bending your neck too much, it leads to text neck, this leads to even further shoulder pain and chronic headaches.

(Neck Injuries)

The padding absorbs and takes away a lot of the weight and impact of what you are carrying, there will be no need and no urge to adjust your neck to correct your balance. This will mean your posture is safe and healthy.

These injuries are results of lifting, holding, carrying, pushing and pulling. Injuries in these areas can lead to more serious problems including autoimmune diseases, the body begins to fight itself with antibodies. 

(Joint, tendon and connective tissue injuries)

The padding will reduce overexertion in these delicate areas, it is important to protect these areas because the results can be serious which will put your career in jeopardy.

Due to the severe shoulder pains labourers experience. In warmer conditions, they have to decide whether they suffer from shoulder pain or heat exhaustion. They either stay cooler but increase the exposure to their shoulders or wear extra layers to try and help the shoulders but overheat in the humid conditions. 

(Heat Exhaustion)

The MiniViz from GAAARD Protection offers the same padding as the rest of the range, but it is short sleeved and relatively light and thinner than the rest of the range. This means your shoulders are protected and you don't suffer from heat exhaustion.